Indoor golf gets even more real at The Bunker

Indoor golf gets even more real at The Bunker

We are excited to now be able to offer our players BRAND NEW GSX High Defnition Graphics. Playing indoor golf on simulators at The Bunker brings a new meaning to the word “Realism.”

Never before have golf courses been re-produced, so accurately that it’s difficult to separate the real course, from the simulated course!

With our new GSX graphics, the 3D Rendering is of such high quality, that objects such as buildings, trees, plants, fauna, grasses and water reactions are realistic representations of the original.

indoor golf Newton Abbot3D Animations include

Flying Birds

Floating Ducks

Moving Golf Carts and more!

Playing conditions are very realistic, with the green speeds matching the green stimp speed.

The Bunker Indoor Golf DevonChoosing the weather conditions will allow you to set rain and wind, which moves the leaves on the trees and sways the bushes and even the long grass.

Play a round of Golf or Analyse shots on the Virtual Range, Virtual Chip and Virtual Putting Green.  Realistic golf at The Bunker all year round!

An even more immersive experience but still our standard prices!

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