Want to improve your golf? Our PGA Professional James gives you some of his golfing tips!

Turning Pro off +3 James has won 6 times as a Professional but coaching is really where he shows his class.

James coaches all abilities from fellow Professional to beginners at all ages.

His teaching philosophy is very simple – he will help you to improve, reach targets or to take up the game in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Improve your golf game with some of this advice from a PGA Golfing pro!


bunker pga golf tips
Testing out a new driver

Aim to have a nice wide stance at address with the ball towards the left heel. Tilting the right shoulder downwards will help to hit up on the ball and maximise the potential distance created.


bunker golf tips
Improving iron play

A centred strike is key to a consistent iron player. When practising put an umbrella in the ground next to your right foot and try not to knock this down during the back swing. Any lateral movement knocking the umbrella over could create strike problems.


The weight should favour the left foot by 70% for a right handed golfer. Push the handle slightly ahead at address to create a triangle with the arms. The triangle should be kept throughout both parts of the swing.


The Bunker indoor Golf
Putting practice

If you have trouble holing out from that troubling 4-6ft range, place 4 balls on the practice green this distance away in the 4 compass points (N,E,S,W). How about aiming to complete two circuits of the compass without missing to ingrain good practice?

Custom fitting

We all have different attributes in our physiology – getting custom fitted to your game may make all the difference. Tailoring clubs to your swing is one of the best moves any golfer can make, get custom fitted here at The Bunker.


the bunker indoor golf

Anyone partaking in a practice session should have a goal, target or aim in mind as they start their session. This could be to hit a certain number of shots in the air, work on something taught by their PGA Professional or use a drill specific for them. Following these tips will help keep you focused ,and monitor improvement.

Use the above and improve your game and reduce your handicap. Good luck!

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